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Powerful Roar Of A Majestic Wild African Male Lion

One of the Selati Male lions starts a chorus of roars one morning. Filmed at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa ROB THE RANGER WI… Video Rating: 4 / 5 AGADIR, Morocco – Sailors from 4th Dental Battalion administer dental procedures in the Field Dental Clinic during Exercise African Lion 13. Exercise... read more

African Lion Hunt Santana Outdoors

African Lion Hunt- Don’t watch if you don’t like hunting, a lion is killed. Kids watch this too, if you cuss or complain about hunting, I will delete it and... read more

Mr. Pelican represents Wild Lion Sound

For more Information: Wild Lion Sound: Mr. Pelican: The African safari is moving into the water – in this episode watch us visit Kenya’s famous lakes Nakuru and Naivasha with their unique fauna, especially the abundance of birds, and lush vegetation. Video Rating: 5 /... read more

African Lions vs Cape Buffalos. Eternal Enemies.

[/twitter] Buffalos vs Lions. Eternal Enemies with hatred towards each other. Most lion prides though don’t try and hunt cape buffalo, those few that do risk fatal injuries everytime they do, and frequently buffalos kill lions and there young, it happens often. These two animals are eternal enemies. So with such great risks for the few lion prides that hunt cape buffalo. You wonder is it worth... read more

African Lions Accept Man As One of Their Own

South African lion tamer Kevin Richardson doesn’t fear his animals. He’s developed a close relationship with the lions that allows him to interact with them as one of their own. (March 20) Video Rating: 4 /... read more
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