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Southern Sudan Investments Opportunities

Southern Sudan Prosperity Calls. Invest in Southern Sudan, business opportunities in mining, telecommunication, education, construction, tourism and more available in Southern Sudan. Also tour the nile river. For more info visit the website of Southern Sudan Liason office in Pretoria at Video Rating: 4 / 5   On 24 May, 2008, the President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS)... read more

African Wild Dogs

The wild dog weighs between 17 – 36 kg (37 – 79 lb). It is generally found in plains and open woodland, although it has been found in a variety of other habitats from the Sahara Desert up into the lower forests of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Most prey species weigh between 20 – 90 kg (44 – 200 lb) Footage from BBC’s Planet Earth. Music by James Newton Howard (Blood Diamond OST:... read more
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