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The Gathering Storm – Creeping Deserts in Mauritania

In West Africa, the Sahara desert is growing by thousands of square kilometres a year and the search for water for people and their animals becomes ever more… Video Rating: 5 /... read more

Wild about Namibia: Part 1: SATV Travel

A documentary in 6 parts on Namibia, the jewel in the African crown, a country like none other. Travel throughout the oldest desert in the world, climb the h… Video Rating: 5 /... read more

Asteroid Impact Helps Trace Meteorite Origins

The car-sized asteroid that exploded above the Nubian Desert last October was small compared to the dinosaur-killing, civilization-ending objects that still … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Rock Formations in the Nubian Desert on the way from Aswan to Abu... read more

“Great people, cool desert and straight roads” Miles1′s photos around Ertidi, Sudan (travel pics)

Preview of Miles1′s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview … Video Rating: 1 /... read more

Sun City, Suites in the Palace – South Africa Travel Channel

English see below [dt.] Das Palast of the Lost City in Sun City, Südafrika verfügt im Zentralteil über drei Suiten, die jeweils über zwei Schlafzimmer und zw… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Sand dunes, Skeleton coast, diamond ghost towns, awesome desert scenery, stunning off road driving – our 3 day trip to the namid desert at the end of out tra… Video Rating: 5 /... read more
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